The Ultimate 7 on 7 Football Tournament In Utah

Registration ENDS for Tournament #2 BRIGHTON in








COST: $250 per team per tournament

To Register Your Team: You must complete the following steps

  • Click the link of the tournament you would like to play in and complete the online registration process
  • Download and fill out registration packet (link below) and return it by email


2022 DATES:

  • April 9th at Cyprus
  • May 14th at Brighton
  • June 4th at Park City
  • June 11th at Alta


  • 14u
  • 12u
  • 10u

AIR RAID 7v7 Rules


GAME LENGTH= 25 Minutes running clock with NO TIMEOUTS

  • The offense has 25 seconds to huddle, call a play, and snap the ball from the time the ball is spotted.


  • Touchdown= 6 points
  • ExtraPoint from the 2 yard line= 1 point
  • Extra Point from the 5 yard line = 2 points
  • Any Interception (Except for on extra point attempts)= 3 points


  1. Each team will have 7 players on the field at a time. The offense must use someone to snap the ball if in SHOTGUN. (NOT REQUIRED to snap if not in gun, but QB must drop) No RUNNING PLAYS ALLOWED. No Laterals to a teammate after the throw. Double Pass is allowed.
  2. Only 5 players allowed to go out for a pass. Center is ineligible.
  3. There is no blitzing. All seven defenders must drop.
  4. The offense has 4 seconds to get rid of the ball. A sack will be the same as an incomplete pass. Time is held on a stopwatch.
  5. The game will be one hand touch; all the defense must do is touch the ball carrier with one hand to make the stop. The ball is down where the offensive player is tagged. Any fumble is a dead ball and will be downed where the fumble occurs.
  6. The offense will start each possession at the 35 yard line.
  7. Each time a pass is completed the ball is moved to the spot where he is downed.
  8. The offense can earn one first down by getting to the 15-yard line. They have 4 downs to get to the 15 yard line and another 4 downs to score.
  9. If the offense turns the ball over on downs, or interception, the other team will take over and start the next possession at the 35 yard line.
  10. Defensive pass interference will result in a first down for the offense at the spot of the foul.
  11. Defensive pass interference in the endzone will result in a first down at the 3 -yard line. PI on extra point play will be ½ distance to goal and repeat down.
  12. Contact with receivers will be allowed up to 5 yards downfield. Beyond 5 yards there will be no re-routing, knocking off crossing routes, etc.
  13. There is no blocking down the field by the offense. This will result in a penalty and will be the same as an incomplete pass. Offensive pass interference is a penalty. Any offensive penalty is loss of down, move ball back to original spot.
  14. False start penalty is a loss of down.
  15. OVERTIME — Each team will start at the 5-yard line and have 1 play to score. If you score you can go for
    one or two points. Process continues until you have a winner. Game over on an interception.


  1. A player can only be on 1 roster per tournament.
  2. It is the responsibility of each coach to practice good sportsmanship and enforce it with his own players.
  3. All defensive players not in the game must be on the sideline. The offensive team may have one coach in the
    huddle. No coaches are allowed in the defensive secondary.