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We are members of the Ute Conference Youth Tackle Football Organization partnering with USA football nationwide. We represent the East side benches of Cottonwood Heights. The Ute Conference is the largest independent non-profit youth tackle program in the United States. We offer the highest safety standards, most competitive league, and safest youth football in the state of Utah.

Our organization prides ourselves in ensuring proper growth and development in all aspects of the game. We begin  teaching basic fundamentals at the age of 7. We ensure all of our coaches are properly trained, as well as USA  certified  and concussion awareness certified.

When you play for Brighton, you are family. Come join us for a winning 2020 season!

We Are Brighton Youth Football.



If you are in need of a payment plan, please contact or call 801-871-5092 to speak with a board member.

CALLING ALL BENGAL BUDDIES! Refer a new player who gets registered and receive a $25 gift card to be used at the Goody Wagon – available on concessions and apparel. (One gift card per family)  Please email with referral info.



  • Meet our Coaches – Wednesday, June 17th from 6-8 pm at Butler Park! Stirs and Kona Ice Food Trucks will be onsite! Proceeds raised for Brighton Ute Football. 
  • Join us for our summer camps! 
    • Cost: $45 per camp  Discount: $75 for both camps if you bring a new Bengal Buddy or $80 for both camps  *T-shirts will be provided
    • Speed Camp – June 23rd & 24th 6:00-7:00 pm at Brighton High School football field **CANCELLED DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS
    • Skills Camp – July 21st & 22nd 6:00-7:00 pm at Brighton High School football field    **CANCELLED DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS
  • Beginning June 16th, we will be starting our off-season conditioning clinic for all ages. This is open to all registered and non-registered participants. Clinics will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7:30 pm at the fields behind Cottonwood Heights Rec Center. There is no cost to participate.


  • Equipment pickup/in-person registration inside Cottonwood Heights Rec Center. (receipts/birth certificate/proof of residence (utility bill) required). 
    • Wednesday, July 8th 6-8 pm
    • Wednesday, July 15th 6-8 pm
    • Final pickup Monday, July 20th 6-8 pm
  • Island Pig Roast – Saturday, July 18th 4 pm at Butler Park Pavilion
  • Tryouts begin – Monday, July 27th – July 31st 6-8 pm (helmets, shirts and shorts) and August 3rd-August 7th 6-8 pm (full pads) at Cottonwood Heights Rec fields. 
    • Kona Ice will be onsite! All proceeds raised will go back to our district! 


  • Mandatory Weigh-ins – Monday, August 10th beginning at 6 pm.        
    • *This is required for every player. Please reference the common questions section for additional information.
  • Season kickoff- Wednesday, August 12th at Cottonwood Heights Rec Center Fields
    • Fundraiser information 
    • Team pictures beginning at 5 pm, each team will have a time slot


Amanda Soeffker



James Dodson

Vice President/Equipment

Scott Forbes

VP of Coaches

Ashley Harris


Amber Morzelewski


Ben Young


Amanda Gee

Team Mom Coordinator /Concessions

Cohl Harris


Tyler Christensen

Communications/Social Media


Jim Larson

Scouts (7-8 Year Olds)


Ben Young

Gremlins (9 Year Olds)

(801) 842-6737

Moses Tauteoli

Pee Wees (10 Year Olds)

(801) 913-3069

Ben Matheson

Mity Mites (11 Year Olds)

(801) 870-2984

Sterling Matheson

Grid Irons (12 Year Olds)

(801) 550-0289

Jarrod Owens

Bantams A (13 Year Olds)

(801) 232-3792

Bantams B (13 year olds)


What do my registration fees cover?

The Ute Conference charges standard fees for each player, Districts may charge fees in addition to.

REGISTRATION FEE Breakdown To Ute Conference:

$55.00 OF REGISTRATION FEE goes towards UTE CONFERENCE Franchise Fees, and Insurances,

$60.00 To Jersey Purchases,

$75.00 To Officials, Security and on Field Medical Personnel

$10.00 To Online Administrative Costs


District Fees are then added for cost of equipment purchase and operations. Each District OPERATES INDEPENDENTLY as a Franchise of the UTE CONFERENCE, Inc. This results in the registration fees varying from District to District. Registration costs vary by district and is generally in the range of 250.00 – 350.00.

What equipment is provided?

Each player will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, and practice pants. (All equipment to be returned at the end of the season)

Each player is allowed to keep their jerseys at the end of each season as part of the registration fee.

Mouthpieces, socks, athletic supporters (w/cups), and football shoes are not supplied.

We agree to be fully responsible for the return of the items of equipment issued to the above named player. All equipment is to be returned in reasonable condition, with normal wear and tear when requested to do so by Conference or district officials, or pay the stated value of $260.00, plus all costs of collection Including a reasonable attorney fees plus interest.

What are the minimum amount of plays my player can expect to play?

Each player must play a minimum of 10 plays in every game. A play is constituted as any time the official puts the ball in play.

What happens if I miss weigh ins?

Official Weigh-In is conducted the second week prior to the first game. Any player who misses the official weigh in is removed from the roster and is ineligible to play the first game Players caught playing are subject to suspension and the game will be a forfeiture. Coach or coaches will be suspended. A makeup weigh in will be the Tuesday after the 1st regular season game. 

What should I wear to weigh ins?

Players are to wear shorts and t-shirts to weigh in. No Equipment!

What are the age and weight requirements?

The age of a player for the playing season shall be his/her attained age as of July 1, of that year. 7 year old scouts playing age for the season shall be his/her attained age as of September 1, of that year. A player turning 8 after July 1 and before September 1 of current year will have the option to play in the Scout division. This will require parental consent of the player.

EXCEPTIONS – Players who played in an age group for 2017 season will be able to remain in that age group for the remainder of their Ute Conference Eligibility. – (2018)

Scout 7 – 8 X Weight 85 lbs No Z Downs Or optional 1 year move “Y”UP ONLY
(For 8-year-olds only)

Gremlin 9 X Weight 95 lbs Z Weight 10yr old 70 lbs
Or optional 1 year move “Y”UP ONLY

Pee Wee 10 X Weight 105 lbs Z Weight 11yr old 80 lbs Or optional 1 year move

Mity Mite 11 X Weight 125 lbs Z Weight 12yr old 100 lbs Or optional 1 year move

GridIron 12 X Weight 135 lbs Z Weight 13yr old 110 lbs Or optional 1 year move

Bantam 13, (14) must be in 8th
grade or Z down rules apply
X Weight 165 lbs Z Weight 14yr old
140 lbs Or optional 1 year move

14 year old 8th grade players will need to show proof of grade during weigh in. Copy of official document will need to be kept on file.

* This move down for 14 year old 8th grade Players will be for districts without Junior teams only.

If a 14 year old Junior wishes to “Z” down, from a district that fields a Junior Team then all corresponding “Z” down rules are still in effect.

Y Up – 1 year move – Bylaw 13.1 / Players may Y Up 1 age weight classification with signed parental consent

Y & Z mandatory Weigh Ins – Y & Z players may only weigh once prior to the original district

What is the X man rule?

The “X”-man Rule in the conference bylaws is presently written as follows:

13.1.1 The “X” player must be an Interior lineman on offense, playing one of the four line positions, from Tackle to Tackle, the “X” player must be set, but not necessarily down in a 3 or 4 point stance at the snap of the ball. On defense the “X” player must be an interior lineman. They can line up anywhere along the line of scrimmage. However, they must be on the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball. The “X” player on defense must be down in a 3 or 4 point stance at the snap of the ball.

ALL “X”-MEN– The following criteria apply to ALL “X”-men:
1. All individuals listed on their teams´ roster as an “X”-man, must have either a 4″ White or Black “X” on the front AND back of their helmet. The Conference Board of Directors have also instructed the President´s of each District to inform their Coaches to ONLY use Conference-purchased block “X´s”. Skull bones, decorations, colorings, numbers, names, writings, etc. are prohibited on the “X”, and the “X” can NOT be made of Athletic tape, black electrical tape or anything other the Conferenceprovided “X”.

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