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Murray Ute Conference Football invites you join us and make a difference in the upcoming 2020 season! We need coaches that will strive to create an outstanding player experience by teaching safe football techniques, developing character and good sportsmanship in a positive environment!

If you would like to help coach, please click the link below and fill out the form.

Important Dates

August 18, 2020 at 6:00 PM Weigh ins 

This will be our ONLY weigh in. If you are unable attend, please contact Michelle to find a different date at an alternate location. Your child MUST weigh-in or they will not be able to play.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Practice starts Monday July 27, 2020 6:00 PM

Practice will be from 6:00 – 7:30 PM Monday thur Friday.

Conditioning will be held at Riverview Jr High, 751 Tripp Lane

All ages welcome 7-14. There is no registration process, however, a release form for COVID 19 will need to be signed which can be done at the shed. Covid 19 social distancing guidelines will be followed. Please have your child bring their own water and remind them to keep it distanced from others.

July 25, 2020 8:00 – 9:30  Conditioning

July 18, 2020 8:00 – 9:30  Conditioning

July 11, 2020 8:00 – 9:30  Conditioning. Following we will have the equipment handout, and in person sign up. Coaches meeting directly following equipment handout.

July 1, 2020 7:30

Join us for the Fundeazy Sponsor questions and answers. We will show you how to register.

Download Google Meet and use the link or join by phone 1-920-515-0258, PIN 420029302.

Parents, this is your chance to learn first hand about being sponsored for your kids to play Ute Conference Football this year. We will review the whole program and how it works. Then we will introduce you to the local businesses that are donating this year.

We know you have seen all the emails and social media posts, but find out for yourself how it works, you’ll be amazed! Everyone can qualify for a sponsor meeting.

For more information please use this link Fundeazy.


Riverview Jr. High

751 Tripp Lane, Murray

Contact Murray Youth Football

District Schedule Murray

2020 Bylaws

** Murray Youth Football does NOT support unhealthy weight loss/gain practices in order to “make weight” ** 

Practice Guidelines

COVID 19 Yellow 4.6

 Subject to Change

Conditioning/Skill Development practice sessions may include:

⦁ Position & individual skills

⦁ Passing & receiving-Sanitize before and after

⦁ Fitness & functional training

⦁ Drill will be designed to keep players apart as much as possible

Practice Restrictions:

⦁ Limited to 50 or less players/coaches

⦁ Players with temperatures of 100.4 or higher are not permitted to practice

⦁ Require parents to confirm their child is syptom free before attending though HealthShield, a text/SMS based data system

⦁ Zero tolerance non-contact policy (coach/player or player/player)

⦁ Players will be requested to arrive fully dressed, no dressing at game or practice locations

⦁ Bags and water bottles zipped up and lined up 6 feet apart

⦁ Players will be required to keep their equipment on, even when getting water – No sharing water bottles

⦁ No sharing of equipment

⦁ Spectators and parents must abide by the CDC social distancing guidelines or stay in their cars

⦁ Practices must be conducted outdoors

⦁ Players/coaches encouraged to use hand sanitizer before, during breaks and after practice

⦁ Players/Parents/Coaches are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer

⦁ Players should avoid carpooling to and from practice

⦁ Players should wear PPE (masks) when not actively training or where you cannot be socially distanced

⦁ No congregating – players or parents in parking lots, at drop off zones, at enterance/exit areas of facility, or before or after practice

⦁ Avoid scrimmages or contact with other teams

Coach Requirements:

⦁ Encouraged to wear PPE (mask or face shields) at all times when unable to social distance from players or parents.

⦁ Limit equipment brought to practice, disinfecting all equipment before / after use including balls and cones

⦁ Do not allow players to share jerseys, other equipment or water bottles

⦁ Require parents to confirm their child is symtom free before attending through text, email or group me

⦁ Report confirmed cases of COVID-19 to member organization immediately and cease practices

⦁ Compliance with all CDC and Utah Coronavirus guidelines

⦁ Communicate immediately with the local health department in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case within a team and cancel all practice sessions for that team and any team associated with that coach

⦁ Establish designated drop off and pick up zones for each field

⦁ Schedule practice so that one team/group can conclude and depart prior to the next team/group arriving avoiding high traffic times

Game Day Protocols

COVID 19 Yellow 4.6

Subject to Change


⦁ Ropes will be 10 to 15 yard from player benches

⦁ Porta potties/Restrooms may be limited – Sanitized and sprayed hourly

⦁ Hand sanitizer at all games


⦁ Maintaining distance on the field and not touching players or ball unnecessarily

⦁ No sharing water/sunscreen/hair ties/whistles

Athletic Trainers: Will be hired by Ute Conference

⦁ Trainers will wear masks while attending to players and will have full authority to remove a player for safety purposes.  They will also provide full reports to the UC


⦁ Coaches wear masks or face shields when you are not properly distanced from players

⦁ All players will be temperature checked at check in. Players with 100.4 or higher will be ineligible to play. Players on game day will be issued a wristband of check in and eligibility

⦁ Symptoms must be checked and recorded through HealthShield, a text/SMS based system prior to games

⦁ Be fully dressed in gear on arrival (no dressing at the field)

⦁ No close team huddles – must continue to adhere to social distancing 6 feet between people

⦁ No handshakes/fist bumps/high fives/”elbow” shakes

⦁ No sharing water/sunscreen/gear/hair ties/mouth guards

⦁ No touching other players/teammates (hugs, high fives)

⦁ All players on the sideline will maintain 6 feet apart

⦁ All bags/team gear must be lined up and 6 feet apart

⦁ When games finish, teams must CLEAR THE SIDELINE IMMEDIATELY so that the next team can take the field while maintaining distance

⦁ Halftimes – players must be socially distanced. Parents issuing treats must use pre packaged items wearing gloves and masks



⦁ If you can please STAY in your car or stay home.

⦁ If you are on the sideline watching, maintain social distancing markings painted on the sidelines

⦁ ONLY members of the same household within 10 feet of each other – Recommend 65 and older should not participate

⦁ We always recommend that masks be worn

⦁ NO physical contact between parents/players/anyone outside of your household

⦁ No loud yelling/getting close to others and yelling. Yelling accelerates droplets further into the air

⦁ No pets

⦁ Compliance with all CDC and Utah Coronavirus guidelines

⦁ All participants must be on a roster or list that the coach has (to track how many people can be present) with the assigned field, date and time of game

Murray Youth Football is proud to be partnering with Murray Youth Cheer!!

Click on the link for more infomation as well as registration oppertunities!!