District #8
What are the age divisions and X/Y weights of the players?

The age of a player for the playing season shall be his/her attained age as of July 1, of that year. 7 year old scouts playing age
for the season shall be his/her attained age as of September 1, of that year. A player turning 8 after July 1 and before
September 1 of current year will have the option to play in the Scout division. This will require parental consent of the player.

Scout 7 - 8 X Weight 85 lbs No Z Downs Or optional 1 year move “Y”UP ONLY
(For 8-year-olds only)

Gremlin 9 X Weight 95 lbs Z Weight 10yr old 70 lbs
Or optional 1 year move “Y”UP ONLY

Pee Wee 10 X Weight 105 lbs Z Weight 11yr old 80 lbs Or optional 1 year move

Mity Mite 11 X Weight 125 lbs Z Weight 12yr old 100 lbs Or optional 1 year move

GridIron 12 X Weight 135 lbs Z Weight 13yr old 110 lbs Or optional 1 year move

Bantam 13 - 14 X Weight 165 lbs

Y Up - 1 year move – Bylaw 13.1 / Players may Y Up 1 age weight classification with signed parental consent

Y & Z mandatory Weigh Ins – Y & Z players may only weigh once prior to the original district

When does registration end?

Online registration ends July 28th.


Registration fee is $350 which includes: 

  • Helmet rental
  • Shoulder pad rental
  • Practice pants and game day pants rental
  • Home and away jerseys (yours to keep)
  • Team photo

Payment plans are available to June 1st and must be paid off prior to equipment handout.

*Registration fees vary by district



  • 17th – Equipment handout (subject to change)

  • 26th – First day of PRACTICE!!

    • Prior to the start of school practice is usually 5 days a week, once school starts plan on 3 days.


  • 2nd – 14th – Weigh-ins (specific date to be determined for Skyline) conducted by the Ute Conference. Players must be present at an official weigh in to play. Any player who misses the official weigh in is removed from the roster and is ineligible to play the first game. A makeup weigh in will be the Tuesday after the 1st regular season game. Contact the District President or Secretary for times and dates. Plan vacations accordingly.

  • 21st GAME DAY


Nate Fredrick


801.870.0864 |

Julie Tayler


801.870.6319 |

Josh Hayes


801.554.4828 |

Jared Johnson


801.541.2006 |

Scott Bridge


801.706.9892 |

Christian Morrison


Jane Barrus

Social Media

Danielle Clark

Concessions, Team Mom Organizer & Apparel

801.455.8569 |



Scouts (7-8 Year Olds)

Josh Hays

Mity Mites (11 Year Olds)

801.554.4828 |

Dan McMaster

Gremlins (9 Year Olds)

651.226.5908 |

Christian Morrison

Grid Irons (12 Year Olds)

702.806.9007 |

“On the scale from Bill Belichick to Pete Carroll, my coaching philosophy is completely towards Pete Carroll. I truly believe that the players are capable of amazing things as long as they have confidence in themselves. I try to teach the players to not be scared of competition, but to embrace it. Having them compete against others in a positive way, and also themselves, is something that we try to do every day in practice. Football is by far the greatest team sport and the players can learn so much about how to succeed in life by learning the principles developed by playing football.”



Pee Wees (10 Year Olds)

Alex Barrus

Bantams (13/14 Year Olds)

801.809.9917 |

“My name is Alex Barrus and I have been involved in football since 7th grade, and coaching since 2001. I have coached every age group from 8 year olds to varsity football. The reason that I coach is that I love football and all aspects of the game. The camaraderie between teammates, the hard work, the game planning and preparation, and seeing success come on things you have worked on are the things I hope to pass along to the players.”

SKYLINE HOME FIELDS- Skyline High School

3251 E 3760 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109

PRACTICE FIELDS – TBD which teams will practice where

Wasatch Junior High | 3750 South 3100 East, SLC UT 84109

Morningside Elementary | 4170 South 3000 East, SLC UT 84124

Upland Terrace Elementary | 3700 S Sunnydale Drive, SLC UT 84109


3251 E 3760 S, Salt Lake City, UT 8410

District Schedule Skyline