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Vista Elementary School

4925 S 2200 W, Taylorsville, UT, 84129

Taylorsville Home Fields

Welcome to Youth Football in Taylorsville

The Taylorsville Youth Football District is associated with Ute Conference tackle football. This site has the latest  information, upcoming events, schedules, contacts and bylaws. If you are interested in playing tackle football then please contact a board member or coach  or reach out to us on our Facebook page.

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New Faces At Taylorsville


Family and Friends over this last weekend we said our parting goodbyes to some of the hardest working board members and voted in a few new board members and reconstructed our board with some fantastic people who are ready and willing to take our program to new levels with that said here is our new board

President                       Filisi Hunt

Vice President              Tanishia Hinojos

Secretary                       Brooke Bennion

Treasurer                      Christa Evans

Coaches Liaison           Junior Tagovailoa

Team mom/Merch      Laura Hunt

Concessions                  Michelle Ogletree

Co- Fundraiser             Kimm Crosby McConnachie

                                        Ella Lealaogata

Public Relations           Bridget valente

Equipment                    Nicholas Bennett

                                        Kenny McConnachie

Fields Manager            David Lewis

                                        Jose Vargas

I would like to thank all of those that applied and without the help of everyone this program wouldn‚Äôt be anywhere near where it needs to be.¬† in the next few weeks, we will be introducing each one of our board members.¬† can‚Äôt wait to get things rolling for this next year.¬† great things planned….






2021 Registration Fees




Taylorsville Football 2019

Hello Warrior Families, 

I know football is still alot of days away but you can start preparing for it now. First off online registration is now open; you can take that tax return and pay for football now so you won’t have to worry about it when the time comes. You can register at http://www.uteconferencefootball.org/registration/. 


This year we have made a small change to registration fees. This year the registration cost is $290 when you sign up online and $310 when you sign up in person. Yes the price went up $10 but this year we are including a warrior compression shirt to every player that they can wear under their pads. Sign up online now to ensure that your player receives their shirt at equipment pick up. This means registration now includes: 

‚ÄĘ Playing¬†

‚ÄĘ Equipment Rental & Mouthpiece¬†

‚ÄĘ Team Picture & Magnet¬†

‚ÄĘ Taylorsville Compression shirt to wear under their pads¬†

‚ÄĘ Both Home and away Jersey that you keep ¬†


When comparing to other sports Football is still a great deal! One of the most common feedback comments from the end of year survey was the cost or the need of a scholarship program. The best way to deal with the cost of football is to sign up for the payment plan. You choose the frequency and amount of the payments you want to make. The payment plans will be available in mid-March so please reach out to me or any other board member and we can get you set up to make the cost much more bearable.  


We are working hard to make 2019 a great football year and can’t wait for it to start. If you have any other questions then please don’t hesitate to ask.  

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Contact Information


2021 Executive Board members 

President: Filisi Hunt




Vice President: Tanisha Riley



Secretary: Bridget Valente



Treasurer : Christa Evans


Coaches for the 2021 season

Scout: T.B.D


Gremlin: T.B.D   


Pee Wee:T.B.D


Mity Mite:T.B.D  


Gridiron Blue:T.B.D 


Bantam Blue:T.B.D

Bantam Gold:T.B.D

District Schedule Taylorsville

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