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For Players Ages 7 – 14 years old (age on July 1, current year)

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Electronic Signature – Registration Form and Receipt will be completed at the end of the signup process by virtue of and electronic signature. You hereby consent to all the Bylaws, Policies Terms and Conditions of The Ute Conference, Inc. Understanding that prior to completion you have every right to withdraw and sign up in person. A $25.00 in person registration fee may be assessed by the Districts.

District Boundaries – I/we understand that the Ute Conference District boundaries coincide with the High School boundaries in which my son or daughter resides. I/we acknowledge that I/we am responsible for verifying that he/she is registered within said Conference districts. Penalties for playing out of the appropriate Conference district can be imposed on an entire team including forfeiture of any games a wrongfully registered player participated in and possible elimination from playoffs for an entire team.

Equipment – We agree to be fully responsible for the return of the items of equipment issued to the above named player. All equipment will be returned in a reasonable condition, with only normal wear and tear when requested to do so by District or Conference Officer or pay the replacement value of $260.00. No equipment will be accepted after December 31st of current season/year. If the equipment is not returned by December 31st collection responsibilities will be turned over to an outside agency for immediate collection of the stated value of $260.00, plus all costs of collection, including a reasonable attorney fee plus interest. A player quitting prior to the end of the season will have 2 weeks to return equipment to District Officer or it will be turned over to an outside agency for immediate collection actions as stated.

Red Shirt – Be advised that a player previously registered to play in the Juan Diego District may not register to play in the district in which he/she resides until they have “red shirted” (not participated) for one season. The same rule applies to a player who has been playing in the district they currently reside in and wishes to register in the Juan Diego district. This “RED SHIRT” rule can be suspended only in the event of a player physically moving residency from one district to another prior to changing registration as previously stated.
Age Requirement – I/we further represent that my son or daughter is in fact the actual age as represented above and understand that their eligibility to participate is determined by his/her age. The age of your player on September 1, of current year determines age classification elgibility
Team Placement – I/we also understand that the team my child participates on and the coach they play for is determined solely by the team coaches and District Officers unless special circumstances require intervention on the Conference level.

Insurance Coverage – I/We understand that the Ute Conference, Inc. provides catastrophic medical insurance coverage for injuries sustained while participating in any sanctioned practice or games. Coverage becomes primary for uninsured players.There is a deductible ($250.00) and maximum payout per accident. All claims must be submitted no later than 60 days after the date of the accident.

Liability Release – In consideration of the acceptance of my application for participation in the above activity, I hereby waive, release, and forever discharge the Ute Conference, Inc., their districts, sponsors, organizers, officers, team coaches, supervisors, assistants, and those transporting participants to and from the above-described activity from any and all damages, risks, hazards, and personal injury to my child named above as participant incidental to the above described activity which may hereafter result or accrue as a result of participation in said activity. This release is intended to release and discharge in advance those based on negligence or carelessness, but not for intentional torts or intentionally causing injury. I understand that the above activity involves an element of danger and risk of injury. I hereby assume those risks, known or unknown to me. Furthermore, I voluntarily clearly and unequivocally agree to assume those risks, with the realization that I have the alternative of choosing not to have my child participate in this activity. It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is to be binding on myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.

VIDEO, PHOTOGRAPHY AND SOCIAL MEDIA RELEASE – By participating or allowing my son or daughter to participate in any of the activities contemplated or described herein, I hereby understand, acknowledge, consent, and agree that the Ute Conference may, in its sole discretion, use all photographs, videos, illustrations, and/or digital images taken or captured by the Ute Conference or its agents at, during, and/or while travelling to or from Ute Conference activities for the Ute Conference’s promotional or advertising purposes, including without limitation on social media sites and in other digital or print media. I, my agents, executors, heirs, representatives, beneficiaries, administrators, trustees, and assigns, hereby waive, release, remise, and forever discharge the Ute Conference, Inc., its affiliates, agents, representatives, districts, sponsors, organizers, officers, team coaches, supervisors, assistants, and all those individuals transporting participants to and from the above-described activities from any and all damages, risks, liabilities, claims, harm, or injury that arise from or relate to the Ute Conference’s use of such photographs, videos, illustrations, or digital images. I understand and agree that all photographs, videos, illustrations, and digital images described in this paragraph are owned exclusively by the Ute Conference. Further, I understand and agree that neither I, my spouse, nor my son or daughter are entitled to any fees, payments, royalties, or wages for appearing in any Ute Conference promotional, advertising, or social media materials or postings. I hereby agree to assume all risks associated with appearing in any Ute Conference promotional or advertising materials or postings and acknowledge that I have the alternative of choosing not to participate or have my child participate in a Ute Conference activity.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Privacy Notice – Your player(s) information has been entered into Ute Conference, Inc. website. The information collected is directly from the parent/guardian. The personal information provided is for team rostering and administration of the player. No information will be disclosed to third parties; any business and or mailing lists. The operators of this website will not require more information than is reasonably necessary for the participation in our football league. The parent/guardian can review the player(s) personal information at any time.

Consent for Medical Treatment – I hereby give my consent to have the above participant receive first aid and medical treatment or to be treated by a physician or surgeon in case of accident or injury while participating in the above activity. I understand I am responsible for the deductible ($250.00) associated with coverage under the current insurance plan. I further understand that costs of medical care, which exceed the limit of applicable coverage, will be at my expense. The location of the activity and/or the nature of the illness or injury may require the use of emergency medical personnel.

Refund Policy – No exceptions will be made for this policy: Prior to 1st day of practice, a full refund less the $25 fee (Online, Administration and Organizational Costs) will be refunded. No refund will be given after the first day of practice as defined in the Ute Conference Bylaws. Refunds will only be issued after all equipment has been returned to the district. You must provide a copy of your registration receipt in order to receive a Refund.

Sales Policy – All Sales of merchandise from districts are Final and Non Refundable.
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